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If you are committed to leading the journeys of change required for the health of your organizations and communities, then this site is for you.  Our mission is to challenge and support you in bringing your best to whatever leadership challenges you face.

We focus on the heroic journey because it is the story used by most cultures throughout time to teach their members how to create or renew a life, an organization or a community. It's really built into our "leadership DNA."  You will find that this is a leadership story that you already intuitively know and one that can provide extraordinary guidance in leading journeys of change - in any setting.

The Support You Need

The Site is Free. You can download the book, QuickStart packets for implementation, articles and case studies at no cost. Our intent is to support as many people as possible at as low a cost as possible.

Services are Available. For tougher more complex journeys we offer consulting and training that can be customized to fit the nature of the organization or community and meet the specific challenges it faces.  Services

Call for a Free 30-Minute Consultation - How to get started, how to get unstuck, how to deal with a specific challenge – 30 minutes can make a big difference in using the site effectively. We reserve two hours per week for these consultations. Schedule

The Power of Heroic Leadership

The on-line book, Leading the Heroic Journey: The Wisdom of Cultures Throughout Time, presents four critical success factors that combine to provide the leadership required for successful journeys of change.  Each chapter has a short overview video as well as a QuickStart packet to guide effective implementation.

  1. The Power of Saying "Yes." The call for our best and the sources of strength on which to draw
  2. The Power of Knowledge. What to expect - the five core challenges encountered in leading journeys of change
  3. The Power of Clear Leadership Roles & Strategies. What to do - the six leadership roles and their core strategies
  4. The Power of Leadership Webs. Creating networks of aligned leaders and effective followers - extending leadership reach, power, credibility and resilience

Heroic leadership is not about larger than life figures or grand deeds, but about commitment, wisdom, and disciplined action taken with others.  The path is known.

How to Get Started

This is a big site, but it's designed so that you can start a number of places and follow your interests.  A quick look at the whole book can be found in the I'm Curious overview.  You can skim the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section.  That section has lots of answers and will point to specific parts of the site. For example:

  • How do I use the site?
  • How do I begin working with my leadership team?
  • How does this compare to other models for leading change?
  • As a CEO what's my role and how extensive is it?

Start with any Chapter.  They all have video overviews as well as printed summaries and can be reviewed in any order.  You can also jump right in by using any of the QuickStart implementation packets with your team. Just choose the most useful guiding questions and worksheets from each QuickStart packet.

Start With the Position You Hold.  You  can begin by checking out how the leadership roles and strategies look from your position, particularly in larger organizations.  

CEO   Senior Manager   Middle Manager    Community Leader

Start with a Self-Assessment.  You can conduct a quick assessment of your readiness to begin a journey of change.  You can also assess how successful you are if in the midst of a journey and identify where the opportunities lie for greater success.  Learn More

Leading the Heroic Journey:
The Wisdom of Cultures Throughout Time

The wisdom of the heroic journey can be adapted to any change and it will guide you from the beginning of the journey all the way through to the end.

Explore the book and discover how easily you can apply heroic leadership to your life.

See how the book can help you →

QuickStart Packets for Chapters

If you want to jump right in and see how each of the four sources of leadership power might give you an immediate advantage, simply go directly to the QuickStart packets for each chapter.  Each has guiding questions, templates and worksheets for leadership teams to use in implementation.

For example, the QuickStart for Leadership Roles and Strategies is a favorite. A leadership team can simply follow the guiding questions to construct a comprehensive leadership plan for their journey.

Planning Templates and Worksheets

There are samples for each of the leadership strategies. If the sample worksheets or template works for you as they are, that’s great. If you want to change them, go ahead and do that in whatever program you like. If you design your own worksheets, the basic design principle is to “keep it simple.”

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Sample Planning Templates

Sample Worksheets